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3D Stone Printed Doormat

3D Stone Printed Doormat

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Feeling trapped in your own home without any escape?

Well, look no further than this trippy rug that we are offering. This 3D vortex rug has an incomparable illusion that will for sure make you, or your pets to questions their steps. 

Your guests will love this: This rug is an excellent amusement item, and definitely an amazing icebreaker whenever you have guests over. Imagine how much fun would the party be when the tipsy guests have to jump over it just to get into the bathroom.

It’s a treat to your eyes, and your feet: It’s made out of polyester and bamboo fiber which is soft to touches; super durable, water resistant and anti-slip to help reduce foot fatigue. What more can you ask for in a rug that erect an invisible wall and product a realistic tunnel?

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